Current Initiatives

LAPD’s “Shop with a Cop” Event

We were blessed to be able to help support 10 precincts of the LAPD participate in this year’s “Shop with a Cop” event. This event connects cops with school aged kids in the local communities to build connections as well as to shop for needed school supplies. test.
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Uzghorod Gypsy Camp Orphans – New Sunshine Center

We have taken on the responsibility for feeding 100 very needy children five times each week at the Uzghorod Gypsy Camp in Ukraine. We have also begun to build an additional Sunshine Center (soup kitchen/church/education center) in Uzghorod! It should be completed in early 2018 and will allow for the children to have an adequate area for their meals, as well as some educational classes. This effort builds on our long-term goal that will allow us to eventually serve children in all nineteen poverty-stricken Gypsy Camps in Ukraine. With our services now in Beregevo, Muckachevo and Uzghorod, we’re well on our way to accomplishing this objective.

Nepal Earthquakes Relief

When the tragic earthquake hit Nepal no one expected another to hit just a few days later. Thousands of people were killed or injured. Hundreds of thousands were left homeless with entire villages flattened. When a natural disaster strikes like this, most relief efforts understandably go into the main city, in this case, Kathmandu. We partnered with GHNI (Global Hope Network International). who has a team in Nepal. We have started with the outer villages and suburbs of Kathmandu to reach the people that were not yet receiving relief help, but desperately need it. Food, water, and temporary shelter is being provided to those effected. You can view images in our photo gallery.
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Kobani Refugee Camp 2014-2015

Through our partners, 222 Ministries, of which Dave Anderson is a board member, Matthew 25:35 Foundation is helping to feed 8,000 refugees each day. The camp is  nine miles from Kobani, a town under siege by the extremist forces of ISIS; it is a place ravaged by war as its Kurdish defenders are fighting bravely for their lives.

222 Ministries has been given unique access to this camp by the local Mayor and tribal chiefs. The feeding efforts require at least $5,000 of support daily. We have trusted leaders on the ground through our partners at 222 Ministries to facilitate and administer the daily feeding. If you would like to join this cause, your gift will helpfeed thousands of people and support them during a harsh winter.

The refugees are also hearing the Gospel for the first time as our partners minister to them individually and in worship services.

Matthew 25:35 Foundation is committed to supplying the resources to care for this refugee camp in one of the world’s most troubled hot-spots. You can help us by donating through our website or by sending a check to PO Box 2338 Agoura Hills, CA 91376. Please note it “Kobani Refugee Camp.” As always, 100% of donations will go directly to need; no administrative costs or expenses are withheld, but are funded completely by the Anderson’s and their company.


Nepal Village

GHNI’s mission for village transformation: Our core focus is helping villages transform themselves sustainably and holistically through our coaching-based method of Transformational Community Development (TCD).

We have adopted a village in Nepal to sponsor while they go through a GHNI (Global Hope Network International) five year transformational program. After five years, the goal is for this unreached village to be fully physically and financially sustainable. We are not able to use the name of the village due to safety precautions. The population is about 2,000 and there is a shared school with six other villages. Their primary religion is Hindu and the main language is Napoli. The people of this village are very undereducated and were originally a mountain population that migrated closer to the Indian border for better employment opportunities. Already seeing results: After monsoon season in 2013, they noticed a vast improvement in the health of the village after going through some basic GHNI wellness lessons on hygiene and washing hands. They have completed the building of their first water well! This allows the women to avoid traveling hundreds of meters daily to gather water. This is a HUGE benefit! We are so proud of how far they have already come and pray for their further success!

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State and Federal Prison Book Project

We have been honored to be able to donate hundreds of our founder’s books, How to Run Your Business by THE BOOK and How to Lead by THE BOOK, by Dave Anderson to both Federal and State prisons all over the country in order to help prevent recidivism.

The Coalition for Family Harmony

The Coalition offers a variety of services to assist survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and child abuse, as well as family and friends of those suffering from abuse.  To learn more about our programs and services please click here.

Our Foundation regularly supplies hundreds of diapers, hygiene items and other basic needs to this organization to help them supply the needs of the abused women and children in their care.

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Ventura County Homeless Shelter

Homeless Services connects individuals and families seeking help to a network of agencies that provide health care, mental health services, drug and alcohol abuse treatment, temporary housing, and other benefits, and seeks to help clients secure permanent housing.

Throughout the year our Foundation provides gloves, rain ponchos, warm headgear, chap stick, clothing, hygiene items, food and financial assistance to help this shelter care for the growing number of homeless persons and families in the local area. The government has cut funding to this shelter, so our help here is more needed than ever before.

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TEAM GYPSY KIDS is a group of men and women whose hearts are broken for the precious gypsy children in Ukraine.  We are unified in our mission to help feed and provide basic care for children ranging in age from 5 months to 18 years.

Our Foundation has invested heavily in the construction of a Sunshine Center (soup kitchen/church/education center) in the Beregevo Gypsy Camp that will feed hundreds of orphan children daily; and help to shelter them in the winter. Our Executive Director makes two trips annually to Ukraine to personally assist in the care of the children, and to distribute donated food and clothing in both the Beregevo and Mukachevo Camps. Check out this video to see the Soup Kitchen we helped build in Beregovo Gypsy Camp.  We are now in the process of building a third Sunshine Center in the Uzghorod Gypsy Camp. This will feed 100 children daily, as well as provide educational classes and worship sessions for the children each week. 

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BOND, the Brotherhood Organization of A New Destiny, is a nationally recognized nonprofit organization dedicated to “Rebuilding the Family By Rebuilding the Man.” BOND was Founded by Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson who is also its President.

Since 1990, BOND has helped men and their families regain control of their lives and overcome life’s challenges. The commitment of the organization stresses the importance of self-reliance, honesty, and helping others through patience.

The Matthew 25:35 Foundation is providing assistance to help create a leadership academy for under-privileged children to receive a private, Christian education. We are able to assist BOND with financial contributions and scholarships for deserving children.

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New Hope Moldova

This organization operates in Europe’s poorest country, Moldova. It rescues and houses orphan and abused children from sex trafficking, poverty, pornography and the horrendous act of organ harvesting by organized crime.

Our Foundation has been privileged to provide financial assistance to help New Hope Moldova build and furnish an orphan home for rescued children to be raised in a safe and loving manner.



EQUIP trains Christian leaders in over 170 countries, providing the resources and inspiration church, government,  family and business leaders require to transform their nation for good.

We have supported EQUIP’s efforts financially since 1996. Matthew 25:35 Foundation’s chairman has also served as a volunteer to train leaders in Moscow, and from the Underground Church network in Iran for the past ten years.

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